Within the site, you will find a DEMO section where you can try out the logic of finding information and the ease of navigation to access the information that most interests you.

The registration will be done upon signing of a contract. Following the payment of the fee, EtaCarinae will create a username and password, with which you will be able to access the two sections of the website.

The first section, Advanced Biofuels Policy Across EU, will provide a map with all EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. By clicking on the state you wish to consult, the message “learn more with a click” will appear on the top-right side of the map. By clicking “read more”, right after the name of the state, you will have access to all the information relating to the biofuels policy in that specific state.

The second section, Advanced Feedstock Map, will provide an overview of the countries in which a given feedstock is considered “advanced”. It is very simple: just click on the name of a feedstock and the states where that feedstock is considered advanced will become dark orange on the map. In the text section appearing below the map, you will find the complete wording of the feedstock and eventual exceptions and/or additions for specific states.

The section Direct Access to the Feedstock contains the same information, but it has been designed for those users who wish to consult the website from mobile devices to guarantee the same reading performance.

We wish you a good navigation!